International Maritime Exercise 2022 (IMX22) / Cutlass Express 2022 (CE22)

U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) and U.S. 6th Fleet are honored to cohost IMX22 and CE22, the world’s largest maritime exercise. We are honored to host our partner nations and organizations as we demonstrate our commitment to regional security and stability. Please see our links below for further information.

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  • Purpose

     To demonstrate global resolve to maintain freedom of navigation and the free flow of maritime commerce; deter threats to freedom of navigation; and build interoperability and familiarity           with maritime security partners to enable rapid formation of a coalition force.


                           i.      Conduct a Senior Leadership Symposium

                          ii.      Conduct a Command Post Exercise (CPX), complete with academics

                        iii.      Conduct a Fleet Training Exercise (FTX) to progress multinational Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

              iv.      Assure partners and international community through public messaging that free flow of commerce and freedom of navigation will be maintained


  • End State

                 Threats deterred from disrupting freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce.

                 Partners and international community assured of our resolve to preserve stability of the maritime domain.

           NAVCENT is able to rapidly form a maritime coalition force to conduct MCM, MSO, MIP, and High-End Warfare in order to ensure the free flow of commerce and freedom of navigation.


  • Intent

     Execute the International Maritime Exercise from 30 January through 17 February 2022.

     Unify a maritime coalition under a defined Command and Control (C2) structure to demonstrate the capability to ensure freedom of navigation and the free flow of commerce.

Overview of Participants

Anticipated Participation Based on Past Exercises:

~ 50+ Countries/7+ International Organizations represented

~ 6500-10,000 personnel (military and civilian)

~ 80+ Combined Staff

~ 150+ Divers

~ 36+ Warships and Patrol Craft + MPA

~ 70 Merchant Ships available for interaction

Partner Nation Maritime/Naval Operation Centers