Active Duty Training (ADT)/Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS)

ADT and ADOS opportunities are always listed on the Commander, Navy Reserve Forces Command (CNRFC) opportunities page. Please do not e-mail us to inquire about opportunities not listed on this page. If you have previously developed contacts outside of our office, feel free to inquire with them, and if they can use your support for approved funding requirements, they will put in the request directly to us.

Annual Training (AT)/Active Duty Training (ADT)

Any Reservist on AT or ADT orders supporting NAVCENT or our tenant commands within this AOR, and any Reservist requesting ADT using NAVCENT's funding, must follow the outlined orders process. Incomplete or late paperwork may result in disapproved orders. The orders application form (Word .doc) should be completed by the member and unit/NOSC security manager and routed to the NAVCENT RPD staff per directions on the form as soon as AT/ADT dates are known, with at least a 30 day lead time for processing. BCN/TCN letter MUST be received by the member from our staff before orders are entered into NROWS!


This section discusses GTCC, PSD and other financial considerations for Reservists. More information for NOSCs can be found here.


Getting around in the Kingdom of Bahrain is not difficult, but it is important to assess your travel needs before you arrive and plan accordingly. More information on transportation in Bahrain can be found here. Useful Links: Welcome Aboard Letter One-Net account application NROWS AT guide ADT guide APACS Guide Sponsor Pamphlet Operational Support Plan Awards for Reservists Financial considerations Administration and Employment of Naval Reservists Instruction RC to AC

At least 60 days before your projected arrival in Bahrain

• Contact your unit Training Officer to review the proposed AT and/or ADT to begin preparations of the Country Clearance message.

At least 45 days before your projected arrival in Bahrain

• Check with your unit Training Officer to confirm the required Country Clearance request was submitted in APACS.
• Complete the AT/ADT/orders application form. Follow all directions. Incomplete, inaccurate forms will be returned
• The work week in Bahrain begins on Sunday; adjust your arrival accordingly.
• Reserve Indoctrination is held every Sunday at 0730. Your attendance is required. (Stateside Monday federal holidays are observed in Bahrain on Sundays.)
• If you are arriving on the weekend of a federal holiday, travel Saturday/Sunday and report Monday for command orientation.

Country Clearance Request Approved

• The RPD will issue a BCN for AT or a TCN for ADT to your unit within 72 hours.
• After the BCN or TCN has been issued: Enter your AT and/or ADT request into the Navy Reserve Order Writing System (NROWS). Ensure the correct UIC is entered.
• As each BCN and TCN is unique, no changes may be made to start dates and end dates. Names may not be substituted. If you do have any changes to your dates, notify the RPD staff immediately. This include cancellations!


NAVCENT Reserve Program Director


DSN:  318-439-4223

Commercial: 011-973-1785-4223


RPD: LCDR Gabriel Henao-Gutierrez (Prospective Gain)

Deputy RPD:  Mr. Romeo Tagulao -

Assistant RPD:  PSC Meghan M. Costello -

RPD Distro: