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Financial\Professional Incentives
• Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)
• Calculate Bahrain's OHA. Enter location code ba001
• Cost of Living Allowance (COLA)
• Tax Exempt Status
• Most active theater in the world
• See immediate results of your efforts
• Frequent crisis response 
• Unparalleled professional education

Family Member Information
• Welcome Aboard Letter
• Know what Household Goods to ship:
  Prohibited and Restricted Items
• Flying to Bahrain on the rotator
• Command Sponsor Program Checklist
• NAVCENT's Force Protection and Liberty Policy

• Pet Owners. Please read Pet Import procedures.

• Children needing day care:     Submit an application form in advance.     
    Slots fill up quickly. For more information call:

    COMM: +973-1785-9092/9119     DSN: 318-439-9092/9119

  • To request a Sponsor 


  • Sponsorship Coordinators:

ITCS(IW/SW/AW) Nasongkhla, V.


(318) 439-6267


IS1(SW/IW) Santiago, M.


(318) 439-8125


CS1 (SW/AW) Cariastobar, W. F.


(318) 439-4010


Obtaining a Bahrain Visa / CPR Card

Upon arrival, short-term visas for Bahrain are granted at the airport to anyone travelling or sponsored under orders.

However, after arriving, a long-term visa is required in order to apply for and receive a Central Population Registry (CPR) card.

CPR cards are required for anyone who wants to pick up, register, and drive a personally owned vehicle (POV) while in Bahrain.

CPR cards are also encouraged for anyone staying in Bahrain for over a year, since they're necessary for transactions off-base, including hospital visits, renting apartments and cell-phone accounts.

 Applying for a Long-Term Visa:

1. Complete the official Bahrain Visa application online.
*Click "I Agree" at bottom of page that opens.

2. Print out the application in color and submit to NSA Bahrain's Immigration Office.

3. Complete instructions and contact info can be found here.

4. After receiving your long-term visa, you can then apply for a CPR card at the immigration office.

Personally Owned Vehicle (POV)

Authorized DoD personnel can ship one POV free of charge. For additional vehicles, members are liable for additional costs such as the import tax and local port handling.

POV's must get turned in and picked up at a Vehicle Processing Center (VPC).
Visit whereismypov.com for all your drop-off and tracking concerns.

For more detailed information on shipping your POV to Bahrain, consult section 8 of the DoD's
latest instruction.

 Quick Guidelines:

  • After-market modifications to POV's such as hydraulics, raised or lowered ride height, body-armor, off-road bumpers, and roof rack light sytems are prohibited.
  • "Willy's" jeeps (no doors, iconic World War II-style) and right-hand drive cars are prohibited.
  • Tinted windows must allow at least 70% of light to pass through.
  • Vehicles with badly faded paint, dents, large scratches, rust, or any other damage will not pass inspection.
  • Tires must be in good condition and not extend beyond the fenders.
  • Vehicle must have working brakes, windshields wipers, and emergency brake.
  • Flashy paint, graphics, or writing on vehicle's body is prohibited.
  • Faulty or excessively loud exhaust systems are prohibited.
  • Missing exterior car parts, broken windows, and improper wheel alignment are prohibited.
  • Motorcycles and mopeds require registration according to Bahrain traffic law.

 Contact Info:

Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) Bahrain: +973-1770-1892

NSA Bahrain Personal Property Office: +973-1785-4265/6282 (Supervisor)
Email: thomas.varghese@me.navy.mil

Computer Account Creation

For OneNet NIPR/SIPR account creation, prior to reporting onboard, please complete the SAAR N form.

NAVCENT OneNet training certificate requirements:

Please keep a digital copy of the certificates for your records.




Available at Navy eLearning


DOD-US1364-20  Department of Defense (DoD) Cyber Awareness Challenge 2020

Available at Joint Knowledge Online

Civilian and Contractors


available at https://public.cyber.mil/training/cyber-awareness-challenge/

Military, Civilian, and Contractors requesting SIPR accounts

Go to https://twms.navy.mil/selfservice/login.asp

Under Tools/Actions: Menu, select ‘Online Training & Notices

Select ‘Online TWMS

Search ‘TWMS-568256

Save a digital copy of the certificate.

If there is no option for saving the certificate, go under Navigation: Menu and select ‘Training/Educ/Cert & Skills

or go to https://securityawareness.usalearning.gov/derivative/index.htm





  1. Fill out SAAR N electronically and digitally sign.
  2. Complete current certificate requirement.
  3. Encrypt and email certificate (landscape format) and SAAR N to sponsor.
  4. Sponsor will email complete package to navcentiam@me.navy.mil


Quality of Life
• Funded Environmental Morale Leave (EMLfor Sailors electing to extend their tours for 12 months
• Space available flights policy
• CNIC's official page for NSA Bahrain
• All for Fun, Fun for All! | MWR Bahrain