Department of Defense Sponsored

Dependent Employment Information


Working in Bahrain
Effective immediately, a new work permit policy in Bahrain enables command-sponsored DoD dependents (active duty, U.S. Coast Guard, and civilian employee dependents) to apply for and obtain work permits to work in the local Bahraini economy. Previously, command-sponsored DoD dependents were required to leave the country of Bahrain in order to find employment, transfer their command-sponsored DoD visa to a resident visa with a work permit sponsored by the employer, and return to Bahrain under the local employer’s sponsorship. Under the new policy, dependents will be allowed to remain in Bahrain, maintain their command-sponsored DoD visa, and obtain a work permit to work with a local employer.

Who does this new policy apply to?
Command-sponsored dependents of U.S. service members, U.S. Coast Guard members, and U.S. civilian employees only. Dependents on visitor visas and service members are not eligible.

How to apply?
1. The command-sponsored DoD dependent’s prospective employer will be required to submit the following information package to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA):
                   a. Dependent’s contact information to include: name, mobile number, office phone number, and email
                   b. Copy of dependent’s Central Population Registry (CPR) document
                   c. Copy of dependent’s official passport
                   d. Copy of dependent’s Bahrain DoD visa
                   e. Full employment contract to include: job title, salary, and applicant qualifications.
                    f. Employer contact information to include: name, mobile number, office phone number, email
                   g. Business/Establishment name
                   h. Copy of employer’s CPR card
                    i. Copy of employer’s Commercial Registration number
2. The employer must email this information to the LMRA, addressed to the following officials:
                   a. Mohammed Ali Ahmed:
                   b. Alaa Mohammed Al Doseri:
3. Once the LMRA receives this information, the documents will be sent to the Nationality, Passports, and Residency Affairs Department (NPRA) within the Ministry of Interior for vetting and verification of visa status.
4. Once NPRA verifies the dependent’s immigration status, LMRA will issue a work permit to the employer via email and will copy the command-sponsored DoD dependent.

Additional Information:
1. This process is free of charge.
2. Dependents keep their current healthcare plan.
3. Per Bahraini law, dependents must use a local bank to have their salaries direct-deposited. There are at least three banks that will allow a non-resident to open a local account: Al Ahli, BBK, and HBSC.
4. All employers and employees are subject to Bahraini employment laws, to include any requirements to obtain local licenses and certificates based on the profession, and any Social Insurance deductions applied to expatriates.
5. The work permit is valid for as long as the dependent is here in Bahrain under a command-sponsored DoD visa. Once the DoD sponsor detaches from Bahrain, command-sponsored DoD visas will be cancelled and the command-sponsored DoD dependent may no longer work. The contract end date should coincide with the expected rotation date of the DoD sponsor.
6. Dependent employment will not count against the employer’s foreign employee quota.
7. Please contact the Region Legal Service Office Bahrain Detachment for any questions regarding labor laws or employment contract review.
8. All regular foreign contacts and foreign bank accounts shall be reported to the service member’s Special Security Officer.