Reservists should be aware several financial considerations before committing to duty in Bahrain.

Ensure Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) is activated with a credit limit of at least $5000. Members should contact their local NOSC GTCC travel card coordinator well before travel to make sure the GTCC is activated. Test the card before leaving on travel.

Bahrain can be a costly AT/ADT. Ensure you can endure the financial responsibilities and not cause undue hardship on yourself and your family. Keep in mind that you are required to pay your GTCC balance in full before the due date, even if your travel claim has not yet been paid to you.

All personnel should bring enough currency or travelers checks to see them through the trip over and the first few days in country.

Members must access MyPay to obtain the Leave and Earnings Statement (LES), which should be visible between five and seven days prior to the orders end date.

The Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) is the only financial institution on the base. You must have an account with the NFCU to conduct financial transactions with them.


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