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Note: Before completing any of the below items, email NAVCENT Public Affairs at m-ba-cusnc-publicaffairs@us.navy.mil to request an embark. Include name, organization, number of personnel, type of media, what specific asset you wish to embark (if any preference), and a brief synopsis of intended coverage.

A formal invitation will be sent via email from U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, and you may use the email as your official invitation when applying for a media visa.



1. Completed Media Embark Request Form (please ensure .jpg photo is embedded in the form where applicable)

2. Completed Equipment List.

3. Letter of accreditation or intent to publish (the link provides a template; please ensure the letter is on your respective organization's letterhead)

4. Copy of your passport/national ID.

5. Copy of your current press card/employment ID.

6. Ship Rider Request Form (highlighted portion only. Note: For "signature", just type full name)

7. Completed Medical Questionnaire.

8. Media Ground Rules for embarks.

9. Complete the Kingdom of Bahrain Ministry of Interior Visa Application Form.

PLEASE print and maintain multiple copies of all documentation.

The entry visa must be presented for entry into the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Media that are in the Kingdom of Bahrain under a U.S. Navy invited visa are not cleared to conduct interviews/filming/photography/etc., unrelated to their U.S. Navy visit. If you are interested in conducting other stories or projects while in the Kingdom of Bahrain, you must apply for a separate visa. If you do not receive an additional visa and conduct interviews/ filming/photography/etc., then you and your network/outlet may not be invited to cover future U.S. Navy operations in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations.


For equipment, there will be a 5% deposit fee at the passport and customs office that will be issued upon arrival at Bahrain International Airport. The deposit can be collected before exiting the country.







Please e-mail all required forms to NAVCENT/C5F/CMF Public Affairs at m-ba-cusnc-publicaffairs@us.navy.mil

Due to large file sizes, please break up the required documentation into multiple emails as required.

The Kingdom of Bahrain is the only location within the U.S. 5th Fleet AOR to embark and disembark from U.S. ships.

Any questions can be directed to:

National Communication Centre
Tel: +973.1311.1124
Tel: +973.1311.1125
Tel: +973.1311.1126
Mobile: +973.3222.2110
Email: communication@ncc.gov.bh

For additional NCC guidance to international Media Visa in the Kingdom of Bahrain, please visit: http://bna.bh/portal/en/media-visa

Please follow up with NCC to confirm e-visa processing and approval.

NAVCENT/C5F/CMF will coordinate travel to/from the ship. Transportation to and from the Kingdom of Bahrain and while in country, is not organized by NAVCENT/C5F/CMF.

There will be a 5% deposit fee at the passport and customs office that will be issued upon arrival at Bahrain International Airport. The deposit can be collected before exiting the country.

Your equipment will be inspected and verified by Bahrain custom authorities against the “Media Equipment List,” provided to NAVCENT/C5F/CMF and Bahrain's Ministry of Interior. After a review of the equipment list, you will be provided with an additional equipment document from custom authorities. Keep the equipment document provided by customs for your return after the embark. 


How to Prepare for a Carrier Embark



1.  Dress comfortably, in clothes you don't mind getting dirty -- but no loose clothing. Rugged pants or trousers such as denim jeans or cargo pants are recommended.  


2.  For safety reasons, no national dress (Arab) will be allowed. In addition, shorts, tank-tops, sleeveless shirts and dresses or skirts are prohibited.


3.  Wear flat, sturdy, closed-toed shoes only, preferably with rubber soles. Sandals, flip-flops or any open-toed shoes are prohibited.


4.  Bring pajamas as the bathrooms may be down the hall from where you're sleeping.


5.  Bring flip flops to wear in the shower only. Flip-flops will not be allowed for wear throughout the ship.


6.  We recommend bringing a sweat shirt or sweater, as areas of the ship may be cooler than the outside temperature.


7.  Bring all toiletries you'll need for an overnight trip -- towel, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.


8.  Be prepared for 110v

Electrical power aboard US ships is 110v/60Hz and use U.S. standard (Edison, or type A/B) outlets. If you need to recharge batteries, you will need compatible equipment. We don't generally have adapters or transformers onboard. Alternatively, BRING EXTRA BATTERIES.


9.  Bring U.S. currency (cash) to pay for meals onboard the ship. The ship does not take credit cards and does not have currency exchange. Meals will cost you about $20 total (unless otherwise specified). U.S. currency is also needed if you wish to purchase souvenirs from the US ships. 


10.  While you will have a media visa from Bahrain’s National Communication Centre (NCC) for your arrival to the country, you may need up to 25 BD to get a visa on your return from the ship (cash machines are available in the airport). Be sure you keep your receipt for the visas to show when you head out to the carrier.


Note: Please keep in mind media will be responsible for carrying their own equipment and it is recommended to travel light. Equipment weight limit is 65-lbs per person.

If you are returning from or recently returned from an embark, please complete and return the Post-Embark Survey.


NAVCENT/C5F/CMF Public Affairs
Duty Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Bahrain local time, Sunday through Thursday
Phone: +973-1785-4562
Email: m-ba-cusnc-publicaffairs@us.navy.mil