NAVCENT Commander Meets with Egyptian Naval Leaders, Speaks of Bright Future with Egyptian Naval Midshipmen

By By U.S. 5th Fleet Public Affairs | June 23, 2021

MANAMA, Bahrain --

Vice Adm. Brad Cooper, commander U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT), U.S. 5th Fleet and Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) visited Egypt June 19-21, to meet with the Egyptian Chief of Navy and speak to Cadets at the Egyptian Naval Academy.

Cooper met with Vice Adm. Ahmed Khaled, Egyptian Chief of Navy, and other top Egyptian Naval Force officials to reaffirm the longstanding relationship between the two nations’ navies, discuss maritime security and chart the way ahead for the growing maritime partnership between the two countries.

“Admiral Khaled has the Egyptian Navy moving in a great direction. I applaud his vision and efforts to modernize and enhance his Navy. I also enjoyed getting to know Admiral Khaled. We share a mutual vision for the need to promote maritime security and enhance the free flow of commerce in the region,” said Cooper. “He and the Egyptian Naval Force were extraordinary hosts, and my time here in Alexandria gave us a valuable chance to strengthen our maritime partnership.”

During the visit Cooper also toured the Egyptian naval base in Alexandria and addressed officers and cadets at the Egyptian Naval Academy, where he emphasized a shared bright future for both Egypt and the U.S. built on the strong partnership being forged and enhanced.

“Our Navy-to-Navy relationship has great momentum. Just this year, we have seen a significant increase in exercises at sea and U.S. Navy ship visits to Egypt. The best is yet to come, and I am excited to shape our bright future together with my friend, Vice Admiral Khaled,” Cooper told the junior officers and cadets.

In April, Egypt became the 34th member of CMF, an enduring multinational coalition formed in 2002 and committed to upholding the International Rules Based Order by countering illicit non-state actors on the high seas and promoting security, stability, and prosperity.

U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations encompasses about 2.5 million square miles of water area and includes the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Red Sea and parts of the Indian Ocean. The expanse is comprised of 20 countries and includes three critical choke points at the Strait of Hormuz, the Suez Canal and the Strait of Bab al Mandeb at the southern tip of Yemen.